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Level up the way you work on projects

Teemly is a place to keep your teams and clients on the same page. Collaborate on what to build, sync with the tools you are using, and easily communicate updates & key decisions.

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Experience you never thought you’ll have with managing client projects

Optimized and designed for busy individuals to own how they work daily.


For freelancers & agencies

Designed and built for those who always context switch



Be productive with our keyboard shortcut suite


Multiple teams

Have all your teams in one shared workspace


Simultaneous Projects

Easily switch client projects and be on top on everything

All you need, streamlined.

Fast and easy to navigate. Create projects, tasks, pages in seconds. Easily track your workload and speed by seeing everything on either a list or board view.

Sync easily with robust integration.

Just focus on the work and we handle the rest. Easily sync your calendars and other apps with your notes, tasks to easily manage your time with multiple client projects.

Collaborate easily with team and clients.

Talk with anyone in your team: 1-on-1s or daily standups for the whole team. Join active conversations, post updates or pull people into a conversation.

Why our customers simp us


I absolutely love Teemly! <3 It definitely helped me manage my calendar effectively. No need to experience back and forth when scheduling a meeting. 100% recommended! And this is just the beta, guys! Really looking forward to the full release.

– Xyrenne Eustaquio, Marketing Director, Makisu.so


As an ed-tech startup, Teemly as our scheduling software has made admissions scheduling a breeze! Great using an app that fits our team's needs

– Javier Lorenzana, CEO, UpNext


Teemly is a great way to manage your schedule and the team behind is very helpful to solve your scheduling issue. They are proactive to solve the remote work problems.

– Waren Gonzaga, CEO, WGC Co.


As a startup founder, one of the biggest challenges I face is time management. I think Teemly is a great product and it's growing into a very useful product for managing time. It's a great tool to help you manage your time at small meetings and even conferences. Plus, its sleek and clean user interface makes it easier for me to visualize meetings at glance.

– Derick David, CEO, Hikre School

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